How to Fix common Epson Printer Error Code?

The Epson Printer Error Code can occur at any time without any warnings or signs and you can contact our Epson Printer Technical Support  Team +1 855-205-4119. It may be caused due to any issue in Epson Printer Drivers. It may lead to cause issues in the functioning of the Epson Printers. Fortunately, your Epson printer error code comes loaded with a neat little feature where it can tell you what could be wrong with it, and you can find the error code flashing on the LCD panel of your Epson printer.

Epson Printer Error Code Issues and Ways to resolve them!

For your easy reference, we have put together a whole list of all the different Epson Printer Error Code that you can encounter, and what they indicate:

I-01 or W-05:

  • The printer is out of paper.
  • In this case, you can reload the paper tray and then continue printing.
  • This error code can also show when too many pages have been fed into the printer, and it cannot recognize them.
  • Reload the paper tray to clear the error and resume printing.

W-02 or W-03:

  • Paper is jam inside the printer.
  • You will need to open up the printer and remove the paper to resume printing.


  • The ink cartridge cover is open.
  • Close the ink cartridge to resume regular printing.

W-10, W-11, W-13 or W-41:

  • The ink cartridge needs to be replaced.
  • Open the printer to find the issue in the cartridge.
  • If it is a full cartridge, it may not have been installing correctly.
  • If it is empty, replace it.
  • Click the Start button to move the cartridge to the replacement position.
  • Then, press firmly on the installed cartridge and click Start button once more to resume printing.

W-12: The printer cannot recognize the ink cartridges. Reinstall the cartridges to continue printing.

I-11: There is no memory card detected. Insert a memory card into the device and resume printing.

The following may also some other reasons responsible for problems related to Error Code In Epson Printers: 

W-30 or W-31: The memory card that has been inserted is either not entered correctly, or is not supported by the printer. The inserted memory card may contain files that are not compatible with the printer. Eject the memory card and replace it with a correct set of records in the card, or a different card.

I-50: The index sheet has not been placed on the scanner glass correctly. Place the layer according to the guides on the scanner and resume printing.

I-51 or I-52: There are no photos selected on the index sheet, no paper type has been chosen on the index sheet, or the ovals are not marked correctly on the index sheet. Re-positioning the photos or the index sheet and resume printing.

I-53: The index sheet being printed does not match the photos on the memory card. Try replacing the memory card or the index sheet and resume printing.

W-01 or E-10: There are parts of your Epson printer that you need to replace.

Contact Epson printer technical support on +1 855-205-4119 for more assistance.

E-02: The Epson printer has an error. Try to resolve it by turning off the printer and then turning it on again. If this does not work, contact our  Epson Customer Support  +1 855-205-4119 for help.

E-01: Switch off the printer, check for paper jam and then switch it back on. If this does not solve the error, contact Epson Support Number +1 855-205-4119.

Contact Our Epson Support Team- +1 855-205-4119

These error codes should help you figure out what’s wrong with your printer so that you can fix the error yourself. For further help, you can contact Epson Printer Technical Support at any time.

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